Cap-V, the vacuum capping equipment


  • Model: Cap-V series
  • Type: Vaccum capping machine
  • Applicable containers: Cylindrical canisters, regular jars and Mason jars made of glass and metal
  • Applicable caps/lids: Twist-off caps made of tinplate steel
  • Capacity: 20-35 containers per minute
  • Outer diameter of containers: 40-110 mm/1.5-5"
  • Container height: 60-260 mm/2-11"
  • Maximum vaccum level: 38 Torr/5000 Pa
  • Air pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Dimensions: 850 x 1000 x 1165 mm/33 x 39 x 46"
  • Options: Laser code printer, Nitrogen injecting component

Robust vaccum capping equipment to suck the air out

Reliable vacuum making performance: We choose our vacuum capper parts on the market very carefully to ensure a low vacuum level by using the Cap-V series equipment. Metal parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and the vacuum pump is oilless type.

Entending products shelf life: By using our Cap-V series vacuum capper, residual air in the containers is pumped out and so is the microorganism in the air. Also aerobic bacterias in your products couldn't find any oxygen to reproduce. Both factors help increasing shelf life of your products.

Multiple models to choose: The Cap-V series include a variery models of vaccum capper, differing in vacuum chamber sizes and numbers, automation level and vaccum pump types according to your products and container details. We also support customized design for extra large or small containers.

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