Cap-100S, the caps snapping machine


  • Model: Cap-100S
  • Type: Automatic bottle capping machine for press-on and snap-on caps and lids
  • Diameter of bottle neck: 20-50mm/0.8-2"
  • Materials of caps & lids: Plastic (PP and PET)
  • Bottle types:Glass, plastic, and metal bottles of round, square and special shaped
  • Bottle height: 160-320mm/6-12"
  • Capacity: 1000-4000 bottles per hour
  • Power supply: 220/110V AC 50/60HZ
  • Options: Automatic caps feeding equipment

Snap-on and press-on caps and lids capping equipment

Prestress belt snapping: Caps and lids connect tightly with the bottle necks after passing through the prestress belt. Nylon-made belt does no harm to the caps and keeps the integrity of bottles and caps.

Flexible: The pressing part of Cap-100s is height adjustable to adapt to bottles of diffferent sizes. Also more press belts and conveyors could be added to the machine to further increase its productivity.

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