XH-50P, semi-auto piston filler


  • Model: XH-50P
  • Type: Semi-auto piston volumetric filler
  • Applicable products: Medium-high viscosity liquid products, such as honey, sauces, jam, creams and dressings
  • Applicable containers: Cans, jars, tins
  • Container volume: 100ml-10liters / 3-300oz
  • Capacity: 10-50 containers per minute
  • Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa / 6-8bar
  • Options: Double heads, overflowing dispensing nozzles

Economic yet capable filling machine for thick liquids

Cost-efficient: Composed of a storage tank, a piston cylinder and a dosing nozzle, the simple structure of the XH-50P piston filler makes it the most cost-effective filling machine in our products catalog. At the same time the simple three-parts structure equals easy operation, maintainance and cleaning.

Thick liquids filling solution: Piston cylinder is an ideal solution when it comes to filling dense liquid products and liquid products with particles, like variety kinds of sauces, dressings and creams. This makes the XH-50P a wide used filling machine in food, seasonings, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Non-electricity environment: Powered by compressed air, the XH-50P piston filler could be operated in a non-electricity environment, which could be essential for certain products or specific circumstances (such as explosion-proof or highly moist environment).

Manual and semi-auto options: The XH-50P could easily switch from manual to semi-auto filling mode by turning a switch installed at the bottom. The manual mode is commonly used for filling test to adjust and fix the dispensing volume. Once the test is completed, switch the XH-50P to semi-auto mode for continuous filling work.

Anti-drip nozzles: The dosing nozzle is anti-drip design to prevent thick liquid products from dripping during filling circles, which means no products waste or splash.

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