mustard sauce


Sauces and dressings can come with varieties of products with different viscosities. There are watery liquids like venegar and soy sauce and semi solids like mayonnaise. Many of them are formated of liquids with particulates or grains, such as mustards, ketchups, hot sauce and peanut butter. SPM is specialized in suppliying customized and intgrated packaging euqipment for sauces and dressings.

Sauces, dressings and condiments packaging equipment offered by Spark Pack

  • Hopper
  • Filler
  • Capper
  • Labeler


Spark Pack provides food grade hoppers of customized volume from 20L to 1000L, made of AISI 316 stainless steel, all equipped with auger to keep the products consistent.


Spark Pack offers gravity filler, piston filler and pump filler to satisfy different packaging requirements for sauces and dressings of low, medium and high viscosities.

semi-auto piston filler

Semi-auto piston filler

multiple heads paste filler

Multiple heads paste filler

multiple heads thin liquid filler

Light liquids filler

Capping & Sealing Machines

Spark Pack provides press-on capper and caps screwer machine for bottled sauces products. Foil sealing machine and vacuum capping machine are available for satisfying such requirements. As for pouches and sachets containing, we have inline and rotary pouch feeding machines with sealing function.

vacuum capping machine

Vacuum capper

twist-off lids capping machine

Twiste-off lids capper

Labeling machine

Spark Pack offers reliable labeling machines to automatically attach self-adhesive labels on containers of sauces and dressings such as cylindrical and square bottles, jars, cans and pouches.

cylindrical bottle labeling machine

Round bottles labeler

front-back side labeling machine

Front-back side labeler

top labeling machine

Top labeling machine