bottled edible oil


As many kinds of edible oils there are, they own different viscosities and some may even frozen at low temperatures like palm oil and peanut oil. Our equipment is able to package different kinds of edible oils, from low viscosity like sunflower oil to high viscosity like palm oil, in containers including glass bottles, PET bottles and jerry cans. From filling, capping to labeling, we offer the proper machine to finish the job automatically.

Edible oil packaging machines by Spark Pack

  • Hopper
  • Filler
  • Capper
  • Labeler


Spark Pack provides hoppers of customized volume from 50L to 1000L made of AISI 316 stainless steel, all equipped with auger to keep the products stable. Heating compoment can be added for specific products, like palm oil and peanut oil, which need to keep warm from curdling.


Spark Pack offers gravity filler, piston filler and pump filler to satisfy different packaging requirements for edible oil.

weigh filling machine

Weighing filler

light liquids filling machine

Light liquids filler

Capping machine

Spark Pack offers press-on cappers, twist-off cappers and vacuum capping machine for different capping needs of edible oils.

snap-on lids capping machine

Snap-on lids capper

twist-off lids capping machine

Twiste-off lids capper

Labeling machine

We provide efficient and precise automatic labeling equipment for press-sensitive labels and sleeve shrinking labels of your edible oil brand.

high speed cylindrical bottle labeling machine

High speed bottle labeler

primary cylindrical bottle labeling machine

Primary bottle labeler