XH-600P paste filler


  • Model: XH-100L
  • Type: Time-based volumetric filling machine
  • Applicable products: Watery liquids and high viscosity liquids, including eyedrop, e-cigarette and vape liquids, glue, paint, cosmetics and house cleaners
  • Applicable containers: Vials, tubes, bottles, cans and jars
  • Container volume: 10ml-20liters / 0.3-600oz
  • Capacity: 144liters per minute (4 heads version)
  • Options: 2, 6, 8, 10 dosing heads
  • Power Supply: 220/110V AC 50/60HZ
  • Dimensions: 850*500*400mm (Length*Height*Width)

Powerful and acuurate liquid filling machine

Magnetic pump drive: The working principle of a mag drive pump makes the XH-100L suitable for almost all kinds of liquid products, whether the viscosity is high, low or medium. Note: The XH-100L pump filler are not able to fill liquid products with particles or fibers. For those products, check our XH-600P paste filling machine.

Hygine and safety: Like other euqipment of Spark Packaging, all metals parts of XH-100L contacting with products are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and all gaskets are food grade.

Easy changeover: For products and containers changeover, just input new filling volume and other necessary data into the PLC system through the touching screen and save the recipe.All could be done within minutes. Fifty reset recipes can be stored at most.

Accuracy: The timer used controlling the pump owns a 1/100 second responsing time, making sure the products are filled into the containers volumetric precisely, of no more and no less.

No waste: After one filling circle done, the remaining products in the dispensing nozzles shall be suck back to the storage tank. And there will be no drip or splash. So no need to worry precious products being wasted using the XH-100L pump filler.

Acids and alkali filling: Normal liquid fillers cannot handle the acids or the alkali. However with proper adjustment, the XH-100L pump filler can. Applying hoses and gaskets made of PTFE, the XH-100L is able to process most acids and alkali products.

Heating component: Some dense liquids, like butter, need to keep warm to prevent from congealing during filling process. In such circumstances, a heating component will be installed on our XH-100L pump filler to keep the products fluid.

Manual and automatic options: For startup businesses, labs and institutions, with no productivity requirement and limited budget, a semi-auto version XH-100L is a good choice. If high automation level required, an automatic version XH-100L euqipped with conveying belt, stainless steel table and piston cylinder positioning component is a better choice. To form an automatic packaging line, check our capping machine, labeling machine for details.

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