We support every packaging process

Spark Pack owns a wide catalogue of packaging equipment, so we can help our clients increasing Automatition level in every individual packaging process including preparing, filling, capping, sealing, labeling and conveying.

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An essential process before filling

Container like bottles, cans and jars, no matter made of glass or plastic, need to be cleaned up to clear dust and other waste before filling process starts. It's essential for the purpose of hygeine and security.
Rinsing machine was created to finish this job automatically. Generally it is composed of three parts, ie, cleaning nozzles, rinsing media control system and outside structure.
Spark Pack's multiple heads rinsing machine could use compressed air, water or any other liquid materials as cleaning media. Special media such as chlorinated water and ozone are also appliable.


The center process of packaging

Filling process is the center procudure of the whole packaging work by distribute products into containers evenly. Speed and precision is what it requires. Meanwhile it's also complex and changable due to numurous kinds of products and their containers. A slight change in the product size could lead to a series of adjustment in the filling machine, which makes it the most customized equipment in the packaging production line.
Spark Pack developed a wide range of filling machines to satisfy various filling requirements from our clients. We foucused on filling solutions of liquid, semi-liquid, liquid with particles, paste, sauce, powder and granules products, regardless of containers being bottles, cans, pouches, sachets, and buckets. For the filling of special-shaped products, like industrial parts, we also have experience...

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Capping, Sealing or Seaming

Closure of containers

Bottles need caps and pouches need to be sealed to prevent products from leaking. For food, beverages, and medicine, this capping or sealing process seperates them from atmosphere air, and thus increase their shelf life.
Currently the sealing work is finished by heated jaws installed in the filling machine. And capping takes an individual piece of euqipment. SPM provides both automactic cap feeder and capper. We also provide vacuum capping machine for products that have to be stored under vacuum environment.


Brand need labels

A label contains information including company logo, name, product details and other messages that makes the product diffrent and attractive. To attach labels to bottles fast and precisely, a labeling machine is required. SPM's fully automatic labeling machine is able to attach labels to round bottles and flat bottles on one side or both sides.

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