DYF One Head Liquid Filling Machine

This machine is the semi-automatic piston type pasty liquid filling
This machine is reasonable in design, small and exquisite in model, saving the place, the pneumatic part adopts the pneumatic components of Germany FESTO and Taiwan's AirTac.
The part contacting materials is made of 316L stainless steel
Both filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, with high filling accuracy.
Filling head adopts anti-leakage and lifting device.
Item Parameter
Power supply 220/110V 50/60Hz
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling speed 5-20 Bottles/min
Filling accuracy ܡ1%
Filling range 25-60ml 50-125ml 100-250ml 200-500ml 400-1000ml 900-2500ml 2200-5000ml
Applicable products
     Mainly used lotion, nursing fluid, oral liquid, liquid hair care, hand-washing liquid, lotion, disinfection liquid, Foundation make-up liquid, Antifreezing Fluid, shampoo, wash liquid nutrient solution, injection, pesticide, medicine, wash clean, bathed Lu, perfume, cooking oil, lubricants and special it is the liquid filling industry



Nozzle Selections

Three links

Filling mouth

Solenoid Valve

FESTO Cylinder

AIRTAC Thin Cylinder

AIRTAC Magnetic Switch

STNC solenoid valve
Filling range Selections
Customers can choose according to the scope of models filling machine













Tank Options
Gas source choice
The Semi Automatic Servo PD Filler can draw from many sources including
its own hopper, external sanitary hoppers or kettles, and direct from drum.
Air compressor
Air pressure :0.4-0.6MPa
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