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semi-auto piston filler
  • Semi-auto filling machine
  • Non-drip nozzle
  • Piston cylinder drive
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weigh filling machine
  • Semi-auto / Automatic weighing filler
  • Patented design
  • Large container filling
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Thin liquid filling machine
  • A versatile liquid filler
  • Multiple heads option
  • Working well with existing equipment
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magnetic drive pump filler
  • Magnetic pump filler
  • Productive and precise filling
  • Compact machine frame
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Frequently Asked Questions

A liquid filling machine is a kind of packaging equipment designed to dispense bulk liquid products into containers like bottles, cans, jars and buckets volumetrically or by weight.

Some mainstream classification methods for liquid filling machines are as follows:

By filling principle: Volumetric filler and weighing filler

By drive power: Piston filler, gravity filler, pump filler and servo motor filler

By automation level: Semi-auto liquid filler and automatic liquid filler

Spark Pack supplies most kinds of liquid filling machines mentioned above.

Here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a proper liquid filling machine for your products.

1. Characteristics of your products: Viscosity and homogeneity. Are your products thin or thick liquids? Are they hoogeneous liquids or liquids with particulates or fibers?

2. Packaging methods of your products i.e. containers: Are they bottles, cans, jars, buckets or pouches you prepare to use to fill your products with?

3. Your budget of course.

Spark Pack offers a variety of liquid filling machines to satisfy numerous kinds of liquid filling requirements.

Genrally there are 5 steps to order a customized liquid filling machine from Spark Pack.

1. Get in touch with Spark Pack by email or phone.

2. Tell us your filling requirements in detail and our sales engineer shall offer several filling solutions for you to choose.

3. Make an agreement.

4. Payment, machine manufacturing and delivery

5. Field installation and commissioning


What they are saying about us

In 2008 I bought a semi-auto piston filling machine from Spark Pack to start my honey business. The machine performance is reliable since the beginning and fully satisfy my reuqirements. I'm also impressed by their professonal after-sales service.

Kabiru Umar

Business owner

Our company has been working with Spark Pack for more than 10 years and we are very pleased with this longterm business relationship. Our products catalogue changes fast and so are the filling processes. Each time Spark Pack offers us practical filling solutions within a short time using their professional experience in the industry. I hope Spark Pack everything well in the future.

Geoge Blake

Procurement manager

I've been Spark Pack's regional reseller in Singapore since 2010. And I witnessed many local businesses benefiting from introducing Spark Pack's liquid filling machines and other related packaging equipment and achieving business growth. I think the biggest advantage of Spark Pack is their reliable equipment and satisfactory after-sales service.

Khoo Kok Beng

Regional reseller of Spark Pack

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