Label-200, the round bottle labeling machine


  • Model: Label-200
  • Type: Cylindrical containers wrap-around labeler
  • Applicable containers: Clindrical bottles, cans, canisters and jars
  • Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, pressure-sensitive labels, thermal labels
  • Label size: 30-200mm x 15-100mm/1-8" x 0.5-4" (Length x Width)
  • Container size: 20-120mm X 30-200mm/ 1-5" X 1-8" (Outer Diameter X Height)
  • Capacity: 30-50 containers per minute
  • Main Parts:: Label applicator, web unwiding plate, cylinder pisitioning kit, PLC panel and touching screen
  • Power Supply: 220/110v AC 50/60HZ
  • Options: inkjet code printer, foil sealer

Wrap-around bottle labeler

Precise Postioning: With sensitive light sensor and penumetric control system, every bottle is fixed in the expected position accurately to be ready for label sticking.

Quality and Hygiene: Main structure of the LA-50 bottle labeler is made of AISI 304 stainless steed and anodized aluminum, promising durable and stable performance.

Easy changeover: No tools are required when it comes to container or label changeover.

Expandble: The Label-200 bottle labeler can be easily applied into any kind of automatic packaging line, increasing the integral automation level and making your investment more worthy.

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