Cap-100, inline bottle capping machine


  • Model: Cap-100
  • Type: Automatic capping machine
  • Diameter of caps & lids: 20-50mm
  • Materials of caps & lids: Plastic and metal
  • Bottle types:Glass, plastic, and metal bottles of round, square and special shaped
  • Bottle height: 100-380mm
  • Capacity: 1000-4500 bottles per hour
  • Power supply: 220/110V AC 50/60HZ
  • Dimensions: 1800*1850*850mm (Length*Height*Width)
  • Options: Penumetric cylinder or servo motor drive

Automatic bottle caps feeding and screwing system

High speed caps tightening: In the Cap-100 system, bottles keep moving forward on the conveyor belt while the caps are put on and tightened. Duo to this non-stay design, a productivity of 1000-4500 bottles per hour becomes possible.

Twistting caps under torque control: Three pairs of ABS-made rollers are rotating under preserved torque in the opposite direction the bottles are moving. Caps are put on the bottle mouth precisely through the cap feeder and ge tighter and tighter after passing each pair of rollers. The PLC torque controlling system makes sure every cap is tightened to the right degree and therefore no caps or bottles get any damage.

Quick changeover: The Cap-100 capping machine is flexible when changing to new bottles and caps. Width between belts restricting bottles is easily adjusted by turning the spindle. Roller preserve torque is regulated through the PLC and touching screen. All movements could be done within minutes and reduce the changeover time cost to the minimum.

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