Shrimp roll filling machine

Fish slip filling machine spark patented products, using stainless steel, easy to clean, health and safety, the machine design is reasonable, slippery shrimp filling machine of good material, and material contact part adopts 304 stainless steel production, in line with the GMP certification requirements,With anti-corrosion, can better adapt to damp and other harsh environment. For viscous material is particularly suitable for soybean paste, fish, shrimp,cuttlefish slide slide slide, slide and other products containing particles of beef .....[View Product Details]


The model KLG is a vertical bag-making, filling and sealing machine, widely used for packing granules and powdery non-adhesive materials, such as gourmet power, coffee, powdery detergent and instant drinks.
With the stepping motor subdivision technology adopted for the bag- making system, the accuracy of the system, with errors less than 1mm, is high.
This machine is the Semi-automatic Piston Type Ointment Filling Machine, can fill granule viscous fluid material. .....[View Product Details]

Horizontal mixing Sauce Filling machine

Double headed horizontal stirring chili sauce filling machine is the spark company newly developed, designed for thick and with a large concentration of particles and paste filling material, such as mushroom sauce, Hot pot bottom material, letinous edodes sauce, soy bean paste, fresh chili sauce etc.. Horizontal mixing, to ensure the full mixing of sauce and oil, more uniform filling materials, simple structure, high accuracy, easy to operate.
The machine is reasonable, simple and easy to maintain. It is made of stainless steel. The equipment is made of stainless steel and is safe and sanitary.....[View Product Details]

Double head horizontal stirring sauce filling machine

Double headed straight horizontal stirring sauce filling machine for viscous sauces, such as spicy sauce, Hot pot seasoning, chili sauce, beef sauce, soy bean paste, our independent research and development, horizontal mixing, can be a very good solution to the large particles in the process of oil filling fast separation filling error caused by the big problem. The equipment is a linear working platform, and can be equipped with a vacuum capping, capping and other equipment composed of granular sauce filling line, with easy adjustment....[View Product Details]

Double head full-automatic chili sauce filling machine

Double head automatic filling machine chili sauce (fermented black bean sauce filling machine) is a new type of filling equipment spark company specializing in spicy sauce, sauce of the fermented black bean filling, in use is divided into automatic and semi automatic machine fragrant sauce fragrant sauce packing machine two, the semi automatic models need to manually put bottles, you can choose AUTO filling and FOOT filling, and then combined with the desktop Capping Machine Capping, semi automatic labeling machine for labeling...[View Product Details]

6 head horizontal mixing sauce filling machine

6 horizontal mixing and filling machine is widely used in the production and packing of granule sauces. It can be operated continuously and automatically. The machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple and beautiful in appearance and convenient to adjust the filling capacity. Professional for granular sauce, horizontal mixing, for large particles of sauce filling process, prone to oil separation...[View Product Details]

Full automatic servo granule filling production line

The automatic sauce filling production line for 8 head servo type sauce filling machine, the spark company has independent research and development, technology and patent certificate, is our design for the packing, filling viscous products such as sauces of a new type of packaging machine equipment, reasonable structure and stable, not easily broken, good performance, pneumatic parts adopts Germany FESTO and Japan SMC pneumatic components,reasonable structure and stable, not easily broken...[View Product Details]

Desktop Vacuum Capping Machine

The utility model discloses a desktop vacuum capping machine, which adopts an opening type fully sealed vacuum chamber used for a capping machine and a jar sealing machine, belonging to a semi-automatic type, wherein the cover is artificially matched, and the bottle is manually turned in and out, and the vacuum chamber is closed manually. The machine adopts pneumatic device to drive the implementation of internal capping, using precise control of actuator pressure to achieve torque control, belonging to the non frictional torque limit and long service life; due to the use of reliable sealing technology.....[View Product Details]

X30K Full automatic vacuum capping machine

Vacuum glass bottle capping machine is mainly used for a variety of cap screwing and unscrewing the cap for vacuum pumping equipment, cosmetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide, lubricating oil industry. (chili sauce bottles, cans, high-end health products), the glass bottle capping machine with electric and pneumatic driving program control operation of main equipment, and the traditional mechanical transmission equipment is quite different from the original main machine adopts cylinder as the power, the original action by programming the controller coordinated action ....[View Product Details]

X30D Vacuum capping machine for sauce glass bottle

XH-30D automatic vacuum capping machine is a special automatic vacuum glass bottle bottle when the bottle cover tin equipment, the sauce bottle glass vacuum capping machine includes: import transport, tank, tank into the vacuum chamber, with cover, capping the first main parts, equipment adopts 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, structure well, PLC electronic optical fiber sensing control, automatic import tank, automatic distribution cover, vacuum clamping bottle, capping action, used in sauce bottles, cans and high-grade health food industry, pneumatic and electrical control to replace the mechanical transmission device.....[View Product Details]

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