Automatic filling machine for sauce sauce

The production line of the soy sauce filling is mainly used to fill in the filling of semi fluid, paste and soy sauce material containing particles. The soy sauce, such as chili sauce, fermented sauce, hot pot and beef sauce, can greatly save the cost of personnel and improve the production efficiency. ...

Full automatic gynecologic gel filling machine

Gel filling machine is our company introduced German technology research and development design, with bottle automatic testing, automatic bottle, positioning, correction (bottle filling, no bottle no filling), cap function, adaptability, suitable for all kinds of gel tubes and shaped bottles ...

Automatic powder filling capping production line

Powder filling, capping, assembly line has automatic feeding, feeding, metering, filling, capping, sealing, labeling, printing and other functions,Suitable for filling, capping, labeling, etc. of most powder products and special products..

5-30L barrel filling production line

5-30L barrel filling production line

5-30L barrel filling production line For water, emulsion or sticky material filling in the barrel production. The filling precision is high, the cap is stable, the labeling is beautiful and so on. Using C type wiring method, only 1 operators can complete the whole line production.

hotpot seasoning packing machine

automatic hotpot seasoning Packaging Lines

For large particles, Hot pot seasoning packaging, it is used for packing various kinds of sticky bodies and chafing dish base materials including various kinds of solid substances such as chili, peanut, meat loaf, seasoning and so on

6000 bottles / hour high-speed filling production line

Apply to water, emulsion, suspension of filling production, can complete the bottle, filling, capping, labeling, aluminum film sealing, jet coding, packing, sealing and packaging. The degree of automation is high, the dosage is accurate and the packing effect is good.

Particle weighing, filling, capping, labeling, production line

Particle weighing, filling, capping, labeling, production line

Applicable to bottling melon seeds, pistachios, peanuts, rice, seeds, activated carbon, diamonds, grains of filling production, can be completed feeding, quantitative, filling, capping, electromagnetic induction sealing, labeling...

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